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Paragraph text

A paragraph block is the main text block you will use to add standard text to a story.
Most of the time you will just want to use the default style.
Each paragraph block can be formatted differently using the options that appear - either above the block itself, or in the "block options" panel.
You can style or add links to individual words or phrases in a block by highlighting the text and choosing an option from the pop-up menu.

First paragraph

First paragraph should be styled as "call-out" text. This option is found in the options pane for the block editor.
When you select the callout style the paragraph will look smaller in the edit screen. Don't worry - when you see it in public view it will be larger and bold.

If you are used to working in the classic editor

If you find it easier to work with text in the classic editor, you can add a classic editor block.
Start one by typing /classic in block editor mode and follow the instructions.
The main difference is that individual paragraphs and other story components are all held inside this block - so it can make producing the story a bit confusing and more rigid, if you mix and match classic editor blocks with other blocks.
Not all the options that are available in "block editor mode" are available in classic editor mode.
Last modified 4mo ago